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2015 KZN Military Tattoo
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If you didn’t work out why the thunder of the Natal Field Artillery’s guns could be heard echoing around the hills of Durban recently, then you have missed the most successful KZN Military Tattoo yet.  The SANDF puts its finest foot forward,  holding daily shows between 9 and 11 July 2015. Thousands of excited spectators were captivated by the pomp and ceremony, as a military extravaganza of bands, pipe bands, military displays,  bridge building displays, mock battles, cannons and fireworks, unfolded in the purpose built arena at NMR Military Base in Durban. Four of Durban Regiments pipers took part.

For the pipe bands who took part, there were many memorable moments. Many of these were not part of the show, and probably unnoticed by the audience. Some spectators may have wondered why a man went running over to our piper, Colleen, during the opening performance of the pipe act. It was actually to stop her from standing on the live explosives that had been placed on the field in preparation for the mock battle. Fortunately, it does not appear that Colleen was in too much danger, as the SA Military Band - Limpopo appeared to march right over the explosives during the previous act, and lived to tell the story! Another memorable moment occurred when the attack dog decided that he had really enjoyed performing for the crowds. Just as his lead was removed to return him to his trailer, he made a break for freedom. He paused for a few seconds, apparently deliberating what to do with his new found freedom. Much to his handlers dismay, he decided to go back to the arena to have another go at the “terrorist’ that he had taken down minutes before. He arrived at the arena to find that the “terrorist” had changed clothes, and was now wearing a bomb disposal outfit. The “bomb disposal man” apparently lost a thousand lives to look up and see the dog back again, minus his handler. Whilst bomb disposal outfits are padded, there is apparently an unfortunate lack  of padding on the posterior portion of the outfit. Fortunately, the handler arrived to save the day before the attack dog had too much fun. Not quite as exciting as the year that the guest of honour was accidentally shot, but memorable none the less. Remember to keep an eye open for the  next tattoo during July 2016. Tickets will be sold at computicket. You can also check for updates on the organisers  website (www.kznmilitarytattoo.org.za).   

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